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Tuft Embroidery

Tuft Embroidery is Solid & Clear: according to patterns and products, the tuft stitch embroidery technical can create to have 3 dimensional designs via different yarns loop strands or cut strands reserved from the surface. Flatness and straightness of each yarn show the vivid graphic. Tight & Meticulous: the tuft stitch embroidery is provided with a matchless tightness and will not fall off. Fancy & Delicate: through the colorful matching of different threads and perfect integration of each thread and fabric, designer idea can be expressed effectively with vivid graphic and it can be applied to all kinds of apparel and home textile products.

Richpeace Tuft Stich embroidery machine

Richpeace Computerized Tuft Stitch Embroidery Machine

Richpeace Computerized Tuft Stitch Embroidery Machine

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