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Increase Productivity with an Embroidery Machine from Rapos


An embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles and although generally used for clothing, it can be also utilised for a number of other items such as bags, decorative wall hangings and much more. Most commonly used in the fashion industry, a high-quality embroidery machine can maximise the output of any sized commercial business.

We currently stock a number of different embroidery machines and would invite you contact us for more information as to the best machine for your needs. Our modern, computer-controlled embroidery machines can make your life easier and streamline your business processes exponentially. If you have been looking for a high-quality embroidery machine for sale, look no further than Rapos.

Richpeace Embroidery Machine For Sale

The Advantages of an Embroidery Machine for Your Business

One of the main advantages of our embroidery machines is ease of use. Due to the advanced technology utilised in the manufacture of the machines, only a minimal amount of manual participation by the operator is needed, all the important tasks are efficiently performed by the machine. No advanced skills or previous experience are needed in order to operate our machines. The accompanying manual and informational CD are generally sufficient for your workforce to begin using the embroidery machine almost immediately.

Other qualities that make our embroidery machines a must have for garment factories and similar enterprises include:

Accuracy: The hi-tech components used in the manufacture of our embroidery machines enables them to reproduce designs in perfect quality, without any flaws or errors. Once the process is stabilised and the design file is loaded, the embroidery machine can be started and production can begin. It is important to make sure the sewing patterns are 100% correct before beginning the process.

Dependable Process Speeds: In comparison to more conventional stitching machines, the modern embroidery machines available from Rapos allow each job to be completed in a much faster timeframe. With the aid of advanced software, designs can also be changed or edited quickly and easily. The technology also allows for cropping, sketching and copying designs in addition to text and colour options.

Additional Features: With the aid of these machines, any type of intricate pattern can easily be created and transformed into sewing patterns as per individual requirements. There are many companies which offer design services with digitising software. These designs can be downloaded from various websites providing the formats are compatible with the embroidery machine used. ART, PES, VIP and SEW are some of the commonly used file formats by modern sewing and embroidery machines.

Faster Deliveries: With computerised machines, faster delivery to clients comes as standard. Regardless of whether a 12 head embroidery machine, a 9-needle embroidery machine or a 52-needle embroidery machine is employed, you can fulfil orders much more quickly with a state of the art embroidery machine from Rapos.

Embroidery Machine Set up, Service and Warranty


Machine installation and training is carried out onsite at the customer’s premises. Maintenance schedules, repairs and warranty information provided prior to purchase.

Further Information


If you have seen an embroidery machine for sale on our site that you feel is suitable for your requirements, please call us for more details. If you do have any questions or would like some recommendations, one of our friendly consultants will be happy to help.

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