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Embroidery Machine

Embroidery machine is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used in the fashion industry to decorate garments and apparel. There are multiple types of machine embroidery. More modern computerized machine embroidery uses an embroidery machine or sewing/embroidery machine that is controlled with a computer that embroiders stored patterns. These machines may have multiple heads and threads.

Richpeace embroidery machine flat embroidery 20 heads

Advantage of Embroidery Machine


Ease of use:  Embroidery machine can easily be used, and need only a small amount of manual participation. All the important tasks are efficiently performed by the machine. No advanced skills or previous experiences are needed in order to maneuver these devices. Even people with no prior knowledge of handling any sewing machine can operate them. However, most manufacturers offer instruction manuals and CDs along with the devices, in order to make it easier for users to understand how to use the machines.


Accuracy: Computerized equipment are made by embroidery machine manufactures in such a way as to make them able to reproduce designs in perfect quality. Such devices can follow every detail without any flaws or errors. Once the process is stabilized and the design file is loaded, the equipment can be started. In order to ensure that all the changes are carried out properly, it is essential to supervise the sewing patterns of the device.


Dependable speed:  Embroidery machine parts suppliers are found to create these devices fast enough, as compared to electrical stitching equipment. The images and pictures have to be converted to a digital format, in order to let the patterns easily be sewn. With the aid of digitizing software, such types of designs can be edited too. This type of application can allow cropping, sketching, copying, moving and editing the designs in a proper way. You can also add text or colors.


Additional sewing features: With the aid of these devices, any type of intricate patterns can easily be stitched. Any kind of design can be digitized and transformed into sewing patterns as per individual requirements. With computerized equipment, such designs can easily be digitized. There are many companies which offer designing services with digitizing software. Such designs can also be downloaded from various websites. Computerized stitching machines make it easier to sew any kind of design onto fabrics.


Faster deliveries: With computerized machines, faster deliveries of sewing projects are also possible. Whether you use a 12 head embroidery machine, a 9 needle embroidery machine or a 52 needle embroidery machine , you can get amazing stitches and create any type of pattern that you like. Various kinds of file formats are used by varied computerized equipment. ART, PES, VIP and SEW are some of the most-used file formats by sewing machines. Knowledge of the right format for the right machine is necessary in order to download the right patterns from websites.

Flat Embroidery

Richpeace embroidery machine flat embroidery 20 heads

Coiling Cording

Richpeace coiling cording

Chenille Chain stitch EMB

Richpeace embroidery machine chenille chain stich EMB

Rhinestone Hotfix Embroidery

Richpeace computerized rhinestone embroidery machine

Mattress Border Embroidery

Richpeace Mattress border embroidery machine

Lace Embroidery

Richpeace lace embroidery

Tuft Embroidery

Richpeace Tuft Stich embroidery machine

Cap Tubular Embroidery

Richpeace Computerized Single Head Cap/Tubular Embroidery Machine

Perforated Embroidery

Richpeace Computerized Perforation,Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Set up, Service and Warranty


Machine Installation & Training at customer site. The conditions and contract is depend on customer and company agreement.



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