Different Needs, Different Needles.

We understand that certain tools and configurations are better suited for different types of embroidery. For that reason, Rapos offers three types of Triumph Embroidery Needles.   Sharp Head Embroidery Needle – Strong and ideal for normal embroidery.   Ball-Point Head Embroidery Needle – Optimized for knit fabrics and microfiber.   Titanium Head Embroidery Needle – Specially coated with Titanium to ensure a maximum strength of over seven times than that of normal embroidery needles. Used with heavy garment embroideries such as leather and bulletproof fabrics.

Advantages of Triumph Needles


  • Made from exceptionally strong material, minimizing needle breakage
  • Manufactured with the highest technology to ensure maximum precision
  • Needle eye specially reinforced with ceramic to reduce thread friction, leading to less thread breakage
  • Specially curved needle giving good thread grip to make sure it doesn’t come off the needle eye
  • Increased productivity due to reduced errors in embroidery stitching
  • Lasts approximately 30% longer than other needles



Triumph embroidery needles are available in three types:

  • Sharp Head Embroidery Needle
  • Ball-Point Head Embroidery Needle
  • Titanium Head Embroidery Needle

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