Innovated for Fabrics




GEM Temporary Adhesive Spray is engineered specifically for fabrics. Innovated with the quality of garments in mind, the adhesive solution is designed to leave no stains behind, and the nozzle is optimized for appliqué use.




Precision & Productivity


Using GEM Temporary Adhesive Spray

  • Increases the precision and quality of embroidery and garment production
  • Increases productivity due to ease of use and reduced time of having to correct works and appliqués that are out of place

Superiority of GEM Temporary Adhesive Spray

  • Usable for both multi-head embroidery and sewing machines.
  • CFC Free
  • Nozzle specifically engineered for appliqué use
  • Does not discolor or leave any stains on fabric whatsoever
  • Completely harmless to machinery parts and materials in use

Usage Tips  For maximum effectiveness, spray GEM Temporary Adhesive Spray from one feet away from the material you are working with.




GEM Silicone Aerosol Spray is currently available in 430ml cans. The dimension of our can (inclusive of cap) has a diameter of ___cm and a height of ___cm.

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Storage Keep away from children, flame, heat, humidity, and sunlight. Store in a ventilated area. Do not puncture or attempt to open the can and dispose of the can correctly after use. For safety, do not stack more than


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