Coneless, works like Magic.

Innovated with a unique Coneless Technology, GEM Prewound Bobbin is engineered to have exceptional uniform tension, creating some of the most consistent and highest quality textile works. At the same time, having no cone also minimizes waste, saves the cost of metal bobbins, and reduces needle breakage.

Compositions of Excellence

GEM Prewound Bobbins are composed of the finest yarns which are smooth, strong, and hairless. We offer different types of Prewound Bobbins to suit many different embroidery needs as follows: 70/2 Polyester ….

Benefits of Gem Prewound Bobbin

  • Needles – Extends the life of embroidery needles since the needles will not have to come in contact with the metal sides of the old type self-wound bobbins
  • Metal Bobbins – Saves the cost of having to buy any metal bobbins
  • Winding Machine – Saves the cost of having to buy, use, and maintain a winding machine
  • Labour – Saves the cost of having to hire winding labour
  • Electricity – No extra electricity bills for winding
  • Storage – Optimizes stock space and stock control
  • Bobbin Case – Reduces the need for frequent cleaning of the bobbin case due to hairless bobbin filament. Reduces damage to the bobbin case as a result of professional winding
  • Efficiency – Full length of the yarn can be utilized, reducing the unseen loss of self-wound bobbins
  • Effectiveness – Reduces frequent stoppage of machinery due to consistently more than double the length of thread compared to self-wound bobbins

Superiority of GEM Prewound Bobbin

  • Softer, finer, and higher quality embroidery
  • Less skin irritation from the back of the embroidery



We are always constantly updating our GEM Prewound Bobbin Color Library. Currently, there are 18 colours for you to choose from. Our colours are of utmost consistency with a maximum of 3% dye variation per lot.

For your convenience, our colour codes can be matched to the RGB Colour Code in the Colour Library below.


GEM Prewound Bobbin is available in 18 different colours and in the following specifications. 70/2 Polyester … Custom specifications are also available upon request.

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Keep away from children, flame, heat, humidity, and sunlight. Store in a ventilated area. Keep in bag after use.

Colour Library Tool

Search by Base Color
Search by RGB Code :
  • P456Light Pink
  • P457Light Pink2
  • O456Light Orange
  • Y457Light yellow2
  • G457Light Green2
  • B456Light Blue2
  • V457Light Voilet2
  • BL457Light Black2
  • W457Light White2

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