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GEM Metallic Embroidery Yarn is composed of a core yarn of Rayon covered in Metallic Film. With a nominal Count of 150 Denier, GEM Metallic Embroidery Yarn is optimized for softness and quality.

Superiority of GEM


  • Low Formaldehyde Content
  • Extra soft for better production quality
  • Compatible with Multi-Head Embroidery & Sewing Machines
  • Compatible with Embroidery Speed of 850 RPM
  • Usable for Silk Weaving
  • Needle-friendly Yarn Composition, reducing needle breakage and consumption
  • Knot/Cone: Less than 2

Colours GEM Metallic Embroidery Yarn is available in 6 colours. With high precision colour matching of the Rayon core and Metallic Film, each of our colour is designed to give your work equally superior shine.   Care Conditions Only was GEM Metallic Embroidery Yarn with Wash with Water and Neutral Detergent. Do Not Bleach.


GEM Metallic Embroidery Yarn comes in 5,000 meter cones. It is currently offered in two compositions, Rayon Core Yarn with Aluminum Film, and Rayon Core Yarn with Pure Silver Film.

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Storage Keep away from children, flame, heat, humidity, and sunlight. Do not stack more than five cones. Store in a ventilated area and keep unfinished cones in the box. Rewinding into small spools is not recommended.

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