Using GEM Magic Film

GEM Magic Film can be used in two ways for embroidery production:

  • On the upper side of the embroidery to prevent the embroidery from sinking into the base fabric
  • As an embroidery backing, disappearing with heat and leaving the back of the embroidery clean


Clean & Easy Melt

After production, simply place the embroidery and film on a hot plate. The film will cleanly melt and disappear, leaving only the desired results of your embroidery.

Superiority of GEM Magic Film

  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Lesser garbage compared to tear-away nonwovens
  • No skin irritation whatsoever


Magic Film is transparent and available in rolls of ___cm x ___.

Storage  Keep away from children, flame, heat, humidity, and sunlight. Store in a ventilated area. Keep in bag after use.

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