100 % Copolyamide Thickness: 100 micron & 120 micron


  • After embroidery, pre-wash the garment without any fabric softener.
  • Use one of the following to bond the emblem to the garment Hot Press machineHot RollerUltrasonic MachineHeat Sealing MachineIron equipped with a time and temperature controller
  • Set the temperature between 140 – 150 degrees Celsius. Apply heat to the emblem and garment for around 15 to 20 seconds with a force of approximately 10N.




  • Can adhere onto cotton, t/c, t/r, fabrics with polyester content less than 50% and wood
  • Cannot adhere onto fabrics made of, or partially made of PU, PVC, PP, Iron, Plastic, Rubber, Silicon, Nylon, Melamine, or other other items which can’t withstand high temperatures
  • Cannot adhere onto fabrics coated with DBP, powder or water repellent
  • Cannot be used with any fabric softener



GEM Hot Melt Adhesive Film is translucent and available in rolls of ___cm x ___cm x


Keep away from children, flame, heat, humidity, and sunlight. Store in a ventilated area. Keep in bag after use.

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