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Is polyester thread suitable for sewing purposes?

For general clothing construction, we recommend the polyester thread like ours. Polyester thread is recommended for clothing construction because it doesn’t soak up water, has less lint, and is generally stronger than its cotton counterpart.

For quilt construction, we know some quilters like to use polyester threads for piecing .If you are using a polyester thread for piecing, make sure that the iron isn’t left on the seams for too long because polyester has a low melting point but on the other side it makes flat seams, has low bulk, and is very strong.


Why to Use RAPOS Pre-wound bobbin?

Q : Why should I use pre-wound bobbins when I can wind my own?

A : Good pre-wound bobbins are wound by high-tech machines which provide a smooth, uniform wind. The result is much more thread on the bobbin than a self-wound bobbin. Whether you’re in the middle of an embroidery design or a quilting or sewing project, having to stop to change the bobbin is always an inconvenience.

Contact RAPOS to provide you with specific calculations of how much your factory would save in case of using our pre-wound bobbin, you will be surprise.

Q : Why use a colored bobbin thread instead of a white or grey (a regular neutral color)?

A : A perfect stitch is sometimes hard to achieve and therefore the bobbin thread may show on top. A white or black bobbin thread is high contrast and therefore can be visible. By matching the color of the bobbin thread to the top thread, the bobbin thread will blend. Then, if the bobbin thread does show a little on top, it will not be visible. When we speak of ‘neutral colors’ it isn’t limited to the standard grey, cream, and tan hues. You can have neutral colors across the color spectrum.

Q : Why RAPOS Pre-wound bobbin doesn’t have sides or core?

A : Because the cardboard or plastic-sided bobbins are so smooth, they may continue to spin even after your machine stops and cause backlash .Most of the times the cardboard sides provide more friction and backlash than the plastic. Let us just don’t forget the great damage which will happen to the needles during these shortcomings.

Q : Why to use a polyester bobbin thread instead of cotton one?

A : Polyester has very little or no lint. Depending on the quality of Cotton, the thread may create very little lint or an abundance of lint which is not a good thing at all.