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Do I need to keep my thread in a freezer?

No! Thread should never be stored in the freezer. Freezing dehydrates everything. That’s why food lasts so much longer in a freezer than in does out in the open. But thread does not expire like food.

The worst thing for thread is long-term exposure to sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause colors to fade and weaken fibers. Dust buildup on on a spool or cone will clog up the machine as the thread passes through it.

The best method to store thread is out of direct sunlight and away from heat or air conditioning vents. Drawers and bags are just fine for thread storage.


Questions about GEM Temporary Adhesive Spray?

Would be appropriate using the spray to keep 2 fabrics together-Right sides facing then turning it inside out? I don’t want to see the residue on the front.

Can I use ironing with this spray? With other sprays I have ironed my cotton quilt top/back to cotton batting for better adhesion before quilting.

It is plenty sticky all by itself. You can spray both surfaces for extra holding power. The can says that you can get it to dissipate early if you iron it with a dry iron so ironing would take the stickiness away.

It is only temporarily until you sewing it on.

What is the drying time? I’m looking for an adhesive that takes long to dry.

This is a temporary adhesive, sticky immediately and it Stays sticky for as long as I have ever needed it to.

I want to use this for a stencil to paint a pattern on metal. Would this work? How easy is it to remove?

The glue should disappear by itself without leaving any residue. I believe it is designed for fabric, so you might want to test it in and out of the way place first.